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my name is jessica. this blog chronicles things about me and by me. i like taking pictures of pretty things. i like magazines, decor, cooking, video games and cats. i work in digital media so i'm really into web stuff, social media, podcasting and my iphone.


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My Condo: Short-Lived

I have been slacking at blogging this past year, mostly because too much has been going on and it just hasn’t been a priority. We moved into a condo, for a very short time, and then moved again into a house. Why? Well, I got pregnant and we thought more space was in order. 

But, I loved our pretty little condo and thought I would post some of the pretty pictures from it… some day I’ll have pretty house pics, too, I suppose, but for now, it’s a work in progress. 


The Den/Entry

Master Bedroom

Dining Room


Living Room



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