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my name is jessica. this blog chronicles things about me and by me. i like taking pictures of pretty things. i like magazines, decor, cooking, video games and cats. i work in digital media so i'm really into web stuff, social media, podcasting and my iphone.


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iPhone Photo Essay: Julie’s Cuban and Gladstone

I just keep eating. Eating my way across the great city of Toronto. Oh, and I drink. You know, more of that…

Portobello mushroom burger at Gladstone… LOVED IT!

Some pasta my husband ate. He described it as having lots of “flavour.” This is about the extent of his food descriptors. 

I drink. Pineapple juice + Havana Club = Cuban deliciousness drink.

More drinking. Fruity delicious.

Some things I ate. I don’t remember what. See reason above. They were delicious though, especially those little empanada things. 


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